First Wedding Anniversary

The 1st wedding anniversary is traditionally recognised as the paper wedding. We've got an excellent selection of 1st anniversary gift ideas that will not only please your partner but if you've forgotten and need something delivered fast we can dispatch the same working day for stock items.

Our First wedding anniversary gifts have been carefully chosen to be specific to the 1st Anniversary based upon the traditional or modern anniversary gift lists; they all make great, thoughtful gifts to give or receive.

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Original Wedding Day Newspaper in a Gift Box

A gift of an original newspaper from the wedding day is unique and highly personal gift idea therefore an ideal present to commemorate any wedding anniversary, after all it is unlikely they sat and read the paper that day!

Personalised Champagne and Newspaper Gift Set

A bottle of Champagne personalised with a message of your choice to the recipient and an original newspaper from the date you require. The newspaper's are complete originals and were printed for that day originally. The newspaper comes with a certificate of authenticity. The Champagne is personalised with a unique label message of your choice and is ideal as a gift for a wedding anniversary or birthday.

First Dance Word Art Print Full of Love Hearts

Commemorate one of the most important pieces of music in a couple's life; their first dance as a couple. This would make an extra special 1st anniversary gift which carries the traditional gift theme of Paper.

Anniversary Celebration Newspaper Book

An authentic reproduction of the Daily Mirror newspapers that were published on the three days you request delivered in a beautiful hand made leatherette binder. This full size book holds the authentic newspaper style paper unfolded allowing easy reading while keeping your archive protected. The cover is personalised with name of the recipients and date of the Wedding in gold embossed lettering at the bottom.

Armchair Miniature Clock

A lovely ornamental clock shaped like an armchair perfectly designed as a gift for the 17th Wedding Anniversary theme of furniture and the 1st Anniversary theme of clocks. The armchair is gold in colour and would look great on a mantle piece. Golden Armchair Clock Furniture themed Analog clock with seconds hand An ideal ornamental gift

Art Deco Carriage clock

This classical designed carriage clock reminiscent of a bygone age.

Aventurine and Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is formed from cultivated Fresh Water Pearls and Aventurine Beads interspaced with crystal rings. The magnetic catch is a crystal encrusted ball.

Blue Goldstone and Fresh water Pearl Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is formed from cultivated Fresh Water Pearls and Blue Goldstone Beads interspaced with crystal rings. The magnetic catch is a crystal encrusted ball.

Cherry wood Steering Wheel Clock and Cufflink Gift set

This chrome and cherry wood steering wheel clock is complemented with a set of chrome plated gear stick cuff links

Chrome Armchair Miniature Clock

A small clock designed to look like an armchair. A great anniversary ideas for the 17th anniversary theme of furniture. The clock is silver in colour and features an analogue clock with seconds hand included. Silver Armchair Clock Analogue with seconds hand A great anniversary gift idea

Chrome Clock Cufflinks

These oval cufflinks are working clocks and are within chrome plated brass mounts.

Chrome Love Clock

Love this miniature clock it has a loveheart on it's face.