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Specialists in Wedding Anniversary gifts as well as other annual celebrations.

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Agate Keychain

Agate is appropriate to the 12th and 14th Wedding anniversary.

Typography Metal Storage Tin - Bills etc ...

A tin for all seasons… or at least a tin for many varied uses. Would make a great tenth anniversary gift as this had a theme of tin or for the person that has a need for more orgnainsation, lets face it who doesn't

316 Wallet Shirt Accessories (Collar Stiffeners,etc.)

Restore shirt collars to their former glory with these stainless steel collar stiffeners from touch of ginger. Just twist them out of the handy carrier plate and load them up for that new shirt look.

Amethyst Keychain

Amethyst - Relevant to 4th, 6th and 17th Wedding Anniversaries. A very powerful aid to creative thinking, spiritual awareness and healing. Some people believe it helps combat insomnia.

Angel Mother Heart Slate Photoframe

Natural slate photoframe with a heart-shaped window cut into the stone to display your photo. Engraved sentiment above photo insert: 'All that I am or hope to be... I owe to my angel mother'. Personalise it with a message on bottom right side of heart.

Aquamarine Keychain

Aquamarine - appropriate for 16th or 19th Wedding Anniversaries

Aventurine Keychain

Aventurine - appropriate for your 8th Wedding Anniversary

Best Mother Since Travel Mug

Keep your Mum's coffee warm with this personalised travel mug. The side of the travel mug features the words Best Mother and a personalised date so you can define when she became a mum or the "Best Mother".

Best Mum Personalised Phone Cover

Personalised phone case comes with an exciting pink design. Choose phone type and desired base colour of the case.

Black Onyx Keychain

Black Onyx - appropriate for your 10th Wedding Anniversary

Blue Coral Keychain

Coral Blue this type is also known as sea bamboo - appropriate for your 35th Wedding Anniversary

Blue Lace Agate Keychain

Blue Lace Agate - Agate is appropriate to the 12th and 14th Wedding anniversary. This Variety is often used in jewellery making due to its pleasant pattern.