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All our Wedding Anniversary Gifts are listed under this section, we've so many we've seperated then up into anniversary years. If you are looking for something specific try typing it into our search box.

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316 Wallet Key Fob

You could keep a spare front door key under the mat, in the letterbox or behind the flowerpot by the door, either way it’s a risk a Burglar may find it.

We suggest you use this natty Wallet Key Fob from touch of ginger and avoid the risk.

Credit card sized. Stylish etched stainless steel. Super slim to fit your wallet.

316 Wallet Shirt Accessories (Collar Stiffeners,etc.)

Restore shirt collars to their former glory with these stainless steel collar stiffeners from touch of ginger. Just twist them out of the handy carrier plate and load them up for that new shirt look.

40th Happy Anniversary Photo Frame

40th Happy Anniversary Photo Frame designed to accommodate a 3 by 2" (8cm x 5cm) photograph. At the top is the year being celebrated and at the bottom in silver are the words "Happy Anniversary". The Frame has appropriately coloured CZ stones to match the anniversary set into a pearlescent effect surround."

Carry on and Burn Rubber Tin

A gift tin full of those glove box essentials you never seem to have! Ideal for those trips out and about.

Crystal Perfume Bottle Set

Crystal Perfume Bottle Set

Keep It Clean and Carry On Tin

An ideal gift tin to accompany a weekend away. It contains all those essentials to ensure you’re not caught without!

Multi-colour Agate 36" Necklace

Multi-colour Agate 36" Necklace

The Embrace Cruet set

This lovable cruet set is a great anniversary gift and an excellent momento that will remind you of the event every time you reach for the salt! The Salt and Pepper pots are china and the base is bamboo wood.

The pepper pot is doing the embracing and stands 9cm tall whilst the salt can sit either in hugging or spooning mode and stands 7.5cm tall.

They are fillable from the base via removable plastic bungs.

Tin Plaques for Life - Recipe for a happy home

These Vintage Retro Kitsch Tin Signs are the latest must have kitchen accessory. Designed to replicate the tins signs of yester-year it has an aged look yet is brand-spanking-new.
$9.43 $8.08

25th Anniversary Celebrations Sparkle Collage Photo Frame WG83625

This is a great multi-photo frame for a wedding anniversary as can hold two 6” x 4” (15cm x 10cm) photographs and two 4" x 4" (10cm square) photos it gives a great opportunity to have multiple images that convey the event perhaps the Bride, Groom, and children or the couple together, then and now... there’s lots of possibilities.

25th Anniversary Celebrations Sparkle Triple Photo Frame WG83525

This is a great photo frame for a 25th wedding anniversary as it holds three 3" x 3" photos it gives a great opportunity to have perhaps the Bride, Groom, and children or the couple together...

25th Anniversary Gift Set - Colonial Candle Votive & Holder CCA227

For centuries, candles have illuminated the way. They’ve sparked imaginations, adorned our homes and symbolised hop. This stylish gift set will add style to any home combining the unique fragrance of a Colonial Candle with an elegant home accessory.

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