Amore Gift Set of 2 silver plated keyrings ‘Mr Right & Mrs Always Right’

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2nd Anniversary Gifts

Second Wedding Anniversary GiftsIt is two years since your wedding (doesn’t time fly) and your second wedding anniversary is fast approaching; here’s the facts on what the material or symbol is appropriate for 2nd anniversary gifts:

Cotton is the traditional 2nd anniversary gifts theme

A Traditional Anniversary gift should be themed around Cotton or Straw or for a more contemporary gift idea the modern list shows China as the appropriate theme.

Rose Quartz is the second anniversary gemstone themeYou could also look to the Gemstone Anniversary list which suggests Rose Quartz (although some variance is possible with Garnet also quoted) and if this is still not your ideal theme the appropriate flowers are Cosmos, of which there are many varieties.Comos are the appropriate flowers for the 2nd wedding anniversary

For 2nd anniversary gifts, Cotton themed presents are relatively easy to find with Handkerchief gifts sets or personalised Mr and Mrs Robes/ Towels a great choice. If your looking for a getaway break why not theme it to match the second anniversary. Something like a trip to the cotton fields in America or with straw you could look to have a picnic in a hayloft or simply arrange a hoe-down party with authentic straw bales.

We see a lot of Rose Quartz items purchased for the 2nd Anniversary both Necklace/Pendant sets and a lovely double Rose Quartz heart which is great for the 2nd year anniversary

We’ve got many more 2nd anniversary gift ideas on our main web site styled not only on the traditional material and the other lists that have been published but the ideas are drawn from lots of popular gift sites.

Themes for 2nd Anniversary Gifts recap

  • Traditional Anniversary Gifts: Cotton or Straw themed
  • Modern Anniversary Gifts: China themed
  • Gemstone Anniversary Gifts: Rose Quartz themed
  • Flower Anniversary Gifts: Comos themed


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Celebrating 50 years of marriage in 2018 with Music

Golden Wedding 50th Anniversary Music from 1968Many parties are thrown to celebrate a Golden Wedding Anniversary whether they are formal, informal or just slung together we can help with the right music to celebrate 50 years of marriage.

Get our CD gift greeting card for 1968 which has a CD  inside with a multitude of top hits from the year they were married with many love songs that will bring the memories of yester-year flooding back.

The complete playlist is as follows with a brief synopsis as well to help you.

  1. Fleetwood Mac – Albatross ~ First Released 22 November 1968, eventually got to No.1 on 25th January 1969 spending 18 weeks on the chart this time (it has a number of releases) although this remains Fleetwood Mac’s only ever UK number one hit.
  2. Simon & Garfunkel – Mrs. Robinson ~ Made Famous from the Sound track of the film with the same name, the film was released in advance of the single (in 1967) and the Single reached it’s highest position of No. 4 in the week ending 7th August 1968.
  3. Gary Puckett & The Union Gap – Young Girl ~ Reached No. 1 Weekending 22nd May 1968 and stayed there for another 3 weeks remaining on the top 40 chart for 16 weeks.
  4. Andy Williams – Can’t Help Falling In Love ~ Reached No. 5 in the week ending 1st May 1968 and was in the top 40 for 14 weeks.
  5. 1910 Fruitgum Co – Simon Says ~ A classic bubblegum pop record, first release in the UK in March 1968 it reached No. 2 in the week ending 1st May 1968 spending 14 weeks on the top 40 chart.
  6. Elvis Presley – Guitar Man ~ Released in 1967 in the USA it was not released in the UK until Feb. 1968 only reaching No. 19 in the top 40 in the week ending 27th March 1968.
  7. Sly & The Family Stone – Dance To The Music ~ Released in the UK in July 1968 this song reached No. 7 in the week ending 14th August 1968 remaining in the top 40 for 13 weeks.
  8. Nina Simone – Ain’t Got No-I Got Life ~ Released on October 1968 it reached N0. 2 in the week ending 18th December 1968 spending 10 weeks on the chart.
  9. Box Tops – Cry Like A Baby ~  Released in April 1968 it reached No. 15 in the UK charts in the week ending 1st May 1968 spending 10 weeks in the top 40.
  10. Big Brother & The Holding Company (Feat. Janis Joplin) – Piece Of My Heart ~ In 2004, the Big Brother and the Holding Company version was ranked number 353 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The song is also included among The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.
  11. Ohio Express – Yummy, Yummy, Yummy ~ reached No. 5 in the top 40 in the week ending 17th July 1968 spending 12 weeks on the chart.
  12. Reparata & The Delrons – Captain Of Your Ship ~ An American Girl group who found more fame in the UK their their native USA. Following the success of this single, the group toured the United Kingdom, with the backing group Clouds.
  13. Hugo Montenegro – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly ~ This is the sound track to the same film however this No. 1 hit was a cover of the original with the film being released in 1966. It has since become one of the most iconic scores in film history. The record reached No. 1 in the week ending 13th November 1968 and stayed there for 4 weeks remaining in the top 40 for 20 weeks.
  14. The Byrds – You Ain’t Going Nowhere ~ This is a classic Bob Dylan track covered by The Byrds, although popular it never got above 45th position in the UK charts although did better in Canada reaching No. 11.
  15. Lemon Pipers – Green Tambourine ~ Absolute classic sixties hippy chick music iconic of the era. Peaked at No. 7 in the week ending 13th March 1968 remaining in the top 40 for 10 weeks.
  16. Gun – Race With The Devil ~ Great Guitar Riff in this song Reached N0. 8 in the week ending 18th December 1968.
  17. Bruce Channel – Keep On ~ reached No 12 in the top 40 in August 1968 spending 14 weeks on the chart top forty.
  18. José Féliciano – Light My Fire ~ Vocalist and guitarist José Féliciano experienced significant international success when he released his version of “Light My Fire” in 1968 as a single it Peaked in the UK on 30th October 1968 at No. 6 position spending 12 weeks in the top 40.
  19. Laura Nyro – Stoned Soul Picnic ~The best-known version of the song was recorded by The 5th Dimension, and was the first single released from their album of the same title. It was the most successful single from that album, reaching No.3 on the U.S. Pop chart and No.2 on the Billboard R&B chart. It became a platinum record. Source Wikipedia
  20. The Love Affair – Everlasting Love. ~ An complete classic finishes off this CD perfectly, if was No. 1 for two weeks reach number one on the week of 31st January 1968, it remained on the charts for 12 weeks.

You could complement this with the number one for the week they got married (check what song here or if you want a longer playlist then how about a montage of number ones from their anniversary for every year since they wed.

Other memorable chart hits during this year that cannot be included due to differing Artist copyrights are Clif Richard’s No. 1 Hit ‘Congratulations’ and a version of ‘Anniversary Waltz’ sung by the iconic Anita Harris.

Invitations to an Anniversary Party

Invitations to an Anniversary Party

The formal rules of Invitation etiquette
Traditional formal anniversary invitation line by line wording
Informal Invitations
Responding to an invitation to an anniversary party

Invitations- timing

The invitations to an anniversary celebration should be sent out at least 6 weeks in advance.

If the party is during the vacation or Holiday period then it may be worth sending out a “save the date” notelet or postcard in advance of the actual invitations, this should be done from anything from six months to a year in advance.

The formal rules of Invitation etiquette

  1. All phrasing is in the third person.
  2. Punctuation is not used at the ends of lines (commas, periods, colons, etc.); however, commas are used within lines to separate the day from the date, the city from the state and a man’s surname from “Jr./junior/Senior/II/III”, etc.
  3. No abbreviations are used. Either spell out a name or leave it out: “Phillip Christopher Holly” not “Phil C. Holly.” Also, “Road”, “Street”, “Avenue”, “Doctor”, “Reverend”, and all military or other titles should be spelled out. Exceptions are: “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Most etiquette specialists prefer that “junior” be spelled out. When it is spelled out, the “j” should not be capitalized.
  4. If both Mr. and Mrs. Doolittle are doctors, they can be referred to as “The Doctors Doolittle.”
  5. Days, dates, and times are always spelled out.
  6. Only proper nouns are capitalized (names of people, places, cities, states, the day of the week, month name, etc.) Exceptions are the year line (“Two thousand and three”) or where the noun is the beginning of a new sentence or thought (“T” in “The favour of a reply is requested”)

It is considered socially incorrect to write, “no children please” on the invitation or any part of the anniversary ensemble. In theory the invitation is only for those people mentioned on it by name and hence if the children’s names do not appear by name then they are not invited. You cannot however only invite one half of a couple as this is considered ill-mannered.

“Black tie” does not traditionally appear on the invitation. If the event takes place after six o’clock, your guests should assume that it is a formal event. If you are concerned, however, you may write “Black tie” as a right footnote on your reception card. Note: the “B” in “Black tie” is capitalized, but not the “t.”
Be consistent with your usage of “honour/favour” or “honor/favor.” Traditionally the formal, British spelling with the “u” is preferred in proper etiquette but whichever form you choose, use it in both words.

When social circles use formal etiquette it is considered extremely socially incorrect to make any mention of gifts on invitations on the theory that you should expect nothing from your friends or family except the honor of their presence, therefore never put the name of a charity for donations or your desire for money rather than presents. (Gifts give further details)

Traditional formal anniversary invitation line by line wording:

  1. Begin with the full, formal name(s) and title(s) of the event sponsors. These are not necessarily the people who are paying for the celebration. While the couple’s children traditionally sponsor a major anniversary, anyone can be a sponsor, including the couple, other relatives or friends. If all children are sponsoring the event you can use “The children of ” then full, formal name(s) of the couple.
  2. Following the name(s) is the phrase “request the honour of your presence” if a reaffirmation service is being held in a house of worship. The alternative “request the pleasure of your company” is used for an anniversary celebration held which does not include a reaffirmation service. See Additional Note
  3. The next line reads “at the [Anniversary Year, e.g. Twenty fifth or Silver] Wedding Anniversary of their [parents]” or whatever the relation is between the sponsor(s) and the couple, e.g Friends, sister, brother etc.
  4. On the next line, spell out the day and date with the spelled-out number before the name of the month and a comma separating the day from the date: “on Saturday, the first of May.” Using “on” before the name of the day is optional but if you do, do not capitalize the “o.”
  5. Listing the year is optional. If you choose to do so, it appears on the line following the day/date line. Only the first letter of the first word of the line is capitalized: “The year two thousand and three” or “Two thousand and nine.”
  6. On the line after the date comes the time. Show this spelled out: “at seven o’clock” with the word “at” preceding the time. You do not need to put “in the morning” or “in the evening” since it should be obvious but you may if you would like to and must if it is not obvious. In any case, you should never put “a.m.” or “p.m.” on a formal invitation.
  7. The name of the place goes on the next line: “Sterling Cathedral”, “The Anniversary Inn” or simply the address if the party is in someone’s home.
  8. Including the address for the place is optional (unless the party is in someone’s home). If you do include it, place it on the line immediately below the name of the place.
  9. Generally the last line lists the city and state, separated by a comma: “New York, New York .” Note that you never put a zip code here.
  10. If you are having a reaffirmation service, you would include the information here as to the planned reception afterward on the last line of the invitation: “Reception immediately following”, “Reception to follow” or “and afterwards at the reception.” These sentences indicate that the reception is in the same place as the reaffirmation service. If it is not, reconsider ordering separate reception cards so that the important wording of your invitation will not be reduced in point size to accommodate the several extra lines of the reception information.
  11. If you are not using response cards and envelopes, in the lower left hand corner include “The favour of a reply is requested”, or “R.s.v.p.”, and a response address; however, if you have a reception card, put the R.s.v.p. line there in order to leave the invitation uncluttered. Note that formally only the “R” in “R.s.v.p.” is capitalized since this is an abbreviation for a French sentence, “Répondez s’il vous plaît.” Similarly, since the sentence means “please respond”, never say “Please R.s.v.p.” since that would be redundant.

As a brief summary the following should be included on an invitation;
Name of Couple, Host(s) or Sponsors
Establish the purpose of the invitation (inviting to an anniversary celebration, announcing an anniversary)
Name of honorees
Day/Date (spelled out ; e.g. Saturday, the thirteenth of June)
Does the day definitely correspond with the date’ (consult a calendar or our date checker)
Year (Two thousand and three)
Time (at six o’clock in the evening)
Name of Place (Anniversary Inn)
Location of Place (city and state but no zip code street address is optional(unless private address))
Ask friends to read the draft for mistakes prior to committing to print!

Informal Invitations

Early year invitations or invitations to informal parties can be achieved in a number of ways, the simplest is by way of a hand-written note
Ensure you include at minimum the following;
the purpose of the invitation (inviting to an anniversary celebration, announcing an anniversary)
Honorees (if parents then ‘for our parents’ is acceptable)
Day/Date, days and months spelt out
Name of Place
Location of Place (if the guest would not know where it is)

Alternatively stationery suppliers can provide fill-in-the-blank invitation cards that you could use or consider using to invite them via email.

Printed informal anniversary invitations can also be obtained and often include a short poem reflecting the celebration. It is also possible to get these printed in different colour inks to reflect the anniversary e.g. Silver, Gold or metallic red for Ruby (40th)
Whenever you have an invitation printed you should include the details in the style of a formal invitation e.g. follow the order, capitalisation and grammar rules given in that section.

If invitees to the celebration are expected to pay for their meal as it is being held in a restaurant then they are co-hosts e.g. they are also giving the party and hence the invitations should reflect this. e.g. you could write “… are invited to share in a dinner to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of…” In this situation you can also use an invitation response card to include the menu items and price of each (agreed with the restaurant prior to sending out), this helps to reinforce the fact that they will be paying for it or at least prompt them to ask. (Back to Invitation Wording)

If the occasion is an informal occasion such as a Cook out/barbecue or, in the case of a house party or Pitch-in dinner you want people to bring a item, make sure you’ve included this information on the invite. To cover all bases try to co-ordinate the dishes although refrain from making it prescriptive.

Responding to an invitation to an anniversary party

When you receive an invitation to an anniversary party if the host has requested a response e.g. it has R.s.v.p on it, then you should respond even if you are not going.

Even if they have not specifically asked for a response it is nice to respond to thank them in advance for the invitation.

Typically you should respond within two weeks of the invitation as if you are not going it may give the host the opportunity to invite someone else.