Hit Music CD & Card ~ Birthday Gifts for 18th 21st 30th 40th 50th 60th 70th 80th

Hit Music CD & Card ~ Birthday Gifts for 18th 21st 30th 40th 50th 60th 70th 80th

The Big Milestones. Naturally, all birthdays are special, but some are more special than others.

Landmarks deserve memorable birthday gifts, whether that?s an 18th birthday present, a 21st; gifts for those just starting out in life, turning 40, 50 or even bigger numbers, we think music is a great way to commemorate and celebrate these major events and what better than our Music CD & Greeting Card in one for the significant celebration year.

Images and memories of the birthday year you select cover the unique bi-fold greeting card. The greeting card includes 20 original hit music tracks from the year selected on a CD. Furthermore, we supply a download code to allow you to download the music tracks to your computer.

All the music tracks are recordings from the original artists of the year you select and will bring the memories flooding back, as music does so well, to the lucky recipient who celebrates their Birthday this year.

The inside of the greeting card has a page with interesting facts from and about the original year plus a blank page for you to add your own message, if you wish to send the item direct to the recipient then we can personalise the Greeting Card by adding a message for you, just let us know via the ‘message to seller’ facility of the Checkout system .

Please see the picture of the track listing for the complete list of music on individual CDs.

Postage Details

  • Same Day Dispatch if ordered before 3.30pm weekdays.
  • Standard Free UK postage is via Royal Mail 48 post.
  • Item will fit through Standard sized Letter Slot (posted in discreet packaging)
  • Guaranteed Next Day Delivery option available (UK Only).
  • No quibble 30 day returns policy
  • Free UK Returns

A brand new gift idea dispatched promptly with delivery via Royal Mail in strong and plain protective packaging. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us to get any issues you have resolved as soon as possible or simply return it to us using our free returns service. Template Ref:aivmgtc

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Privacy Policy GDPR for Third Party Personalised Gifts

We’ve reviewed our processes and identified a possible scenario whereby Third parties have their personal data disclosed to us by a customer. This will be when customers orders a personalised gift using the recipient’s personal data.

Within the General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) there is legitimate interest which allows for the processing of such data and the following is our legitimate interests assessment to support such processing.


Why do you want to process the data – what are you trying to achieve? As a Business we have identified products that our customers like to give as gifts, these are personalised with details of the recipient’s Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Name Days, Christening details etc.

Who benefits from the processing? In what way? The customer benefits from this by enabling a gift of greater value to the recipient than an item that contains no personalisation. We as a business also benefit from this as commercially we can offer gift ideas that better match what customers want.

Would your use of the data be unethical or unlawful in any way? The personal data would only be used to produce the personalised product ordered by our customer and as such would not be unethical or unlawful in any way.


Does this processing actually help to further that interest? The ability to provide a commercial gift service is reliant upon customers being able to provide this information.

Is it a reasonable way to go about it? Yes, gifts are intrinsic with a surprise or trepidation; to have to rely on other forms of lawful process diminish the ability of gift giving.

To achieve the same result we do not believe there another less intrusive way.

A Balancing Test

What is the nature of your relationship with the individual? In this instance we have a third party relationship with the individual and are possibly acting as a data processor for our customer.

Is any of the data particularly sensitive or private? None by itself will be sensitive or private however when added to products (a named Christening gift is prime example) then sensitive data may be derived.

Would people expect you to use their data in this way? Gifts have become a tradition for many social events and as such we can see no reason why they would not expect such use.

Are you happy to explain it to them? This document is proof that we are happy to explain our use.

Are some people likely to object or find it intrusive? The majority would not however given the diverse nature of people it is possible an individual could object especially if they dislike the gift or find it inappropriate.

What is the possible impact on the individual?  Use of their data in this instance will be minimal, with the details being added to a product that they subsequently receive effectively completes a closed loop system.

Are you processing children’s data? Yes with regard to fixed data and we do not offer information society services (ISS) directly to children

Are any of the individuals vulnerable in any other way? the collected data does not identify vulnerabilities thus although they may be there is no way to identify this through our processing.

Can you adopt any safeguards to minimise the impact? We plan to introduce a data cleanse of personalisation data after a short period of time after the customer has confirmed acceptance of the product.

Can you offer an opt-out? The only option for an opt-out would be a blank product.


LIA derived from the ICO Controllers Checklist

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Original Newspapers

Original Newspapers

What are our Original Newspapers?

The Original Newspapers we provide are the real McCoy in that they were printed on the day they were originally published thus they not only cover the actual news of the day they are also a genuine original of the paper from the published date.

We are teamed up with Historic Newspapers who hold the world’s largest private Newspaper Archive, they take great care with the original newspapers that are sourced from a number of sources, direct from the newspaper company at the original print time, from Library archives or other specialists.

Why do you supply original newspapers?

Simple because they are a great gift idea, for Birthdays and especially for Wedding Anniversaries, I remember my Wedding day and I didn’t have time to sit and read the paper that day, even if you did would you take in any of the print as you mind wandered around you upcoming nuptials.

When Can I get My Newspaper?

We offer a number of Gift options to enable you to get the paper of your choice in a format you would prefer so there will be some slight variations on timescales however we endeavour to get you your copy within 3 business days from the time you provide us with the order details and clear payment has been received.If it is only the newspaper we’ll often achieve a 1-2 day turnaround.

Can you supply any Date?

No we can’t. As we said these are original newspapers and as such there is a limited amount dependant upon the print run for the specific date in question. Typically special event dates are non existent through us, by these we mean dates such as The Queen’s Coronation, Royal Weddings, End or starting of Wars, Moon Landings etc. You may be able to get a copy of these days from specialist web sites or even auction web sites sometimes have them however sadly the latter suffers from a lack of provenance to confirm the paper is original.

Sundays are Special

We also have to charge a surcharge for Sunday Newspapers due to their size and scarcity, typically this is £20 however may vary again depending upon the date being near a major event. Their size increases their storage and transport costs and their scarcity stems from lower volume print runs as less papers were purchased at the weekends in general.

My Date is not available what can I do?

Newspaper Book - faithful reproduction of original publicationWe have had occasions when customer’s either have none or a very poor selection of tomes available. what we suggest is to get a Newspaper book  which is a reproduction of the date you require along with two other dates typically both partners birth dates. If you would like just a single day in a book please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.





33rd Year Wedding Anniversary

33rd year wedding anniversary modern symbol is amethystIt’s your 33rd year wedding anniversary and you’re looking for something amazing to buy your husband or wife to show your appreciation over the years that you’ve spent together. Even though you know each other so well, everyone needs a little inspiration and that’s what we have created for you. If you follow the links on the page you will see some fantastic gifts for your 33rd wedding anniversary.

Normally, wedding anniversaries have certain symbols or items that are connected to them or a theme to buy the 33rd wedding anniversary gift, but the 33rd doesn’t. Usually there are traditional items, flowers and gemstones but only the 33rd wedding anniversary has a modern-day equivalent for gifts and they are based on the gem amethyst.

The stunning gem is used in an array of jewellery and back in Roman times they used to drink wine from vessels made from amethyst to try and stop them becoming inebriated, but whatever you buy that has an amethyst gem in it, be it a bracelet, earrings or necklaces or even a ring, you can be assured that the beautiful purple/blue colour will make her eyes light up.

That’s the beauty about buying a wedding anniversary gift that is some sort of jewellery, as it doesn’t just last forever but it can be worn with a myriad of different outfits and look perfect with each one. Unlike some gifts that might wear out or be kept for extra special occasions, you can make the most of amethyst as it’s so versatile.

Even though there are no flowers or gemstones, the amethyst is classed as a modern day themed gift, associated with the 33rd wedding anniversary, you can still go ahead and buy some gifts that aren’t traditionally connected to the date. As you know your wife or husband so well, you will know exactly what to get but let us help you with your gift buying process as we have a selection of fantastic products and items to give you a helping hand.

If you’re buying a 33rd year wedding anniversary gift for your husband and you don’t think he would like amethyst then take a look around and buy something memorable that he’ll treasure for a very long time. You could buy him a watch or a piece of artwork, or simply buy him a few items that you know he’d like. Unlike birthdays and festive times, the wedding anniversary gift is all about your spouse and that’s where you might need a little help to be inspired but at the end of the day you’ll know exactly what to buy – but we have some fantastic gifts on our site that we know will really help sway your decision for your 33rd wedding anniversary gift purcashes.

The 33rd year wedding anniversary Facts and Figures

On the 33rd anniversary of your marriage you would have been married for 12,045 days or 289,080 hours or 17,344,800 minutes which is over 1,040 million seconds!

During this time you would have shared, on average, over 90,300 hours of snuggle time (sleeping!) or about 10 years, 4 months; assuming you don’t work together you’ve been apart for over 69,775 hours which is about 7 years, 12 months. You would have by now shared about 26,300 meals together which equates to approximately 1 year, 9 months of continuous eating!

33rd Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Please see out 33rd Anniversary Gifts page for our full range of gift ideas some are below;

8th Year Wedding Anniversary

8th year traditional anniversary - bronze imageYour marriage is well on its way to its first decade and marking the eighth year together is just as important as the seven years previously. After many birthdays and gift giving, you might feel that you need a helping hand when it comes to buying the 8th year wedding anniversary gift but as anniversary gifts have symbols, themes and gemstones attached to them, you can find something to suit using that.

The 8th wedding anniversary is connected to both Bronze or pottery, in the traditional theme, or lace or linen for the modern version.

8th year wedding anniversary traditional symbol - pottery imageIf you look at the creation of pottery, you’ll know that it starts off malleable, pliant and doesn’t necessarily have a shape to it. Over time, it solidifies and becomes one piece; just like your marriage after eight years. Buying pottery shows that your love for one another hasn’t waned or become brittle, it’s become more solid and will be durable for many years to come. Celebrate your 8th year anniversary with a traditional wedding gift made from pottery and it’ll stay with you forever.
8th year wedding anniversary traditional symbol - linen imageIf you prefer to buy modern wedding gifts, then for the 8th year anniversary, lace or linen can be bought. There are many items made from either material, not just clothing, and it could be showcased in your home or used daily. Just as your love grows stronger with each passing year, lace keeps you alive and romantic. It’s a sensual material and can bring sparks to your love life. Linen is clean, simple and straight-talking; just like any marriage and as an 8th wedding anniversary gift, either lace or linen can be perfect.
8th year modern anniversary - lace imageLace can mean some many different things to different people; There are the sensual garments made of Lace loved by many  through to the Lace table cloths that are beutiful to look at and admire, Why not treat yourselves to a holiday to somewhere well known for Lace making.
8th year anniversary appropriate flower - Clematis imageThe flower that is associated with the 8th year wedding anniversary is the clematis. It’s a climbing plant, pretty to look at and there are over 250 varieties. Just like love, it is different for everyone but also the same. You climb towards the next milestone year in your marriage and grow each time, becoming stronger and happier Some partners prefer flowers for their 8th year anniversary as a gift, although if you want something a little more different then you could buy the gemstones that are connected to this years’ anniversary.
8th year anniversary gemstone - aventurine imageTourmaline and Aventurine are the gemstones that people buy for their 8th year wedding anniversary gift. Tourmaline comes from many parts of the world, including the USA, and therefore has many different colours. It can be dark red, brown, black or even light blue and green. It’s a solid, durable gem that twinkles in the light. It’s perfect as a gift for your loved one either in the form of jewellery or a sculpture. Aventurine is similar in property although it’s a form of quartz. It’s generally green or turquoise in colour and is said to bring good luck. Choosing from either of these gemstones that are connected to the 8th wedding anniversary should be the only tricky decision you have to make.

The 8th year wedding anniversary Facts and Figures

8th year spotlight image

On the 8th anniversary of your marriage you would have been married for 2,920 days or 70,080 hours or 4,204,800 minutes which is over 252 million seconds!

During this time you would have shared, on average, over 21,900 hours of snuggle time (sleeping!) or about 2 years, 6 months; assuming you don’t work together you’ve been apart for over 16,915 hours which is about 1 year, 11 months. You would have by now shared about 6,400 meals together which equates to approximately 5 months, 3 days of continuous eating!

As you can see, there are many different items you can buy for the 8th year anniversary of your wedding day and whether you choose traditional or modern themes, flowers or gemstones, there will be something perfect for both parties.

Eighth Year Wedding anniversary Gift Ideas

Please see out 8th Anniversary Gifts page for our full range of gift ideas