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Privacy Policy GDPR for Third Party Personalised Gifts

We’ve reviewed our processes and identified a possible scenario whereby Third parties have their personal data disclosed to us by a customer. This will be when customers orders a personalised gift using the recipient’s personal data.

Within the General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) there is legitimate interest which allows for the processing of such data and the following is our legitimate interests assessment to support such processing.


Why do you want to process the data – what are you trying to achieve? As a Business we have identified products that our customers like to give as gifts, these are personalised with details of the recipient’s Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Name Days, Christening details etc.

Who benefits from the processing? In what way? The customer benefits from this by enabling a gift of greater value to the recipient than an item that contains no personalisation. We as a business also benefit from this as commercially we can offer gift ideas that better match what customers want.

Would your use of the data be unethical or unlawful in any way? The personal data would only be used to produce the personalised product ordered by our customer and as such would not be unethical or unlawful in any way.


Does this processing actually help to further that interest? The ability to provide a commercial gift service is reliant upon customers being able to provide this information.

Is it a reasonable way to go about it? Yes, gifts are intrinsic with a surprise or trepidation; to have to rely on other forms of lawful process diminish the ability of gift giving.

To achieve the same result we do not believe there another less intrusive way.

A Balancing Test

What is the nature of your relationship with the individual? In this instance we have a third party relationship with the individual and are possibly acting as a data processor for our customer.

Is any of the data particularly sensitive or private? None by itself will be sensitive or private however when added to products (a named Christening gift is prime example) then sensitive data may be derived.

Would people expect you to use their data in this way? Gifts have become a tradition for many social events and as such we can see no reason why they would not expect such use.

Are you happy to explain it to them? This document is proof that we are happy to explain our use.

Are some people likely to object or find it intrusive? The majority would not however given the diverse nature of people it is possible an individual could object especially if they dislike the gift or find it inappropriate.

What is the possible impact on the individual?  Use of their data in this instance will be minimal, with the details being added to a product that they subsequently receive effectively completes a closed loop system.

Are you processing children’s data? Yes with regard to fixed data and we do not offer information society services (ISS) directly to children

Are any of the individuals vulnerable in any other way? the collected data does not identify vulnerabilities thus although they may be there is no way to identify this through our processing.

Can you adopt any safeguards to minimise the impact? We plan to introduce a data cleanse of personalisation data after a short period of time after the customer has confirmed acceptance of the product.

Can you offer an opt-out? The only option for an opt-out would be a blank product.


LIA derived from the ICO Controllers Checklist

Anniversary Ideas Home Page ~ Gifts for Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Welcome to Anniversary Ideas specialists in suggesting wedding anniversary ideas and supplying anniversary gifts. From the 1st Wedding Anniversary through to the 100th anniversary year (yes there is a symbol for the 100th!) our pages supply details of the symbol or material theme for the year taken from the most often used wedding anniversary gifts lists.

Our Anniversaries by year page shows what material is traditionally associated with the anniversary year; from there or via the main menu above, you can select the year you are interested in to get anniversary ideas based upon the themes for the anniversary.

How you choose to celebrate may set the precedence to many happy years together, if your partner decides not to celebrate the anniversary how you like, now is probably the best time to discuss how you feel.

Wedding Anniversary Ideas Gift Lists

Anniversary PresentsWe’ve done a lot of the work for you as we continually search the internet to bring together some of the best and most unique anniversary gifts and ideas. Whilst we have all the top gift ideas you’ll see on many sites we also have specific ideas that match either the symbol or material mentioned in the gift lists for the anniversary year you are searching for.

There are a number of Wedding Anniversary Gift Lists, as linked below, each gift list has a different material or theme for the wedding anniversary year.

We’ve also got a list of colours appropriate to the Wedding Anniversary year.


History of Anniversaries : Find out what we have discovered about the history of anniversaries and how they have evolved over time. The idea of give a gift to celebrate an anniversary can be traced back to at least the middle ages in Europe and even older in other civilisations.

Anniversary Etiquette

Answer the popular questions on what the right things to do on your wedding anniversary; how to celebrate, why celebrate, gift giving guide and many more commonly asked questions. Check out our Wedding Anniversary Etiquette Pages.

Wedding Anniversaries

If you are celebrating a year that is not in the traditional wedding anniversary gift list then the Anniversaries tab above gives themes and symbols for ever year up to the 50th and then every 5th up to the 100th plus some random ones!
We used to maintain a list for the longest married couples however we discovered Wikipedia had an excellent resource showing people with the longest marriages we now just link to them.

More Anniversary Ideas

We are always on the look out for great anniversary gifts and ideas, the idea does not have to be a present; it could just be a great experience or way of commemorating the event.If you have a unique or special anniversary idea that you would like to include here then please contact us and we will review you idea with a view to include in in our pages here.
Please note that not all suggestions make it onto our database, if we recommend a site then we test the site and if they were found to have an easy to use structure and do not use pop-up advertising or malware then we include it. You should however always make sure you are happy with the site yourself when you visit as well as their current terms and conditions as we don’t actively monitor all sites mentioned.
If you have any problems navigating this site or have any comments that would improve your experience whilst visiting our site then please contact us using the ‘contact us’ link below. We always love to hear about your experience on our site.
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2nd Anniversary Gifts

Second Wedding Anniversary GiftsIt is two years since your wedding (doesn’t time fly) and your second wedding anniversary is fast approaching; here’s the facts on what the material or symbol is appropriate for 2nd anniversary gifts:

Cotton is the traditional 2nd anniversary gifts theme

A Traditional Anniversary gift should be themed around Cotton or Straw or for a more contemporary gift idea the modern list shows China as the appropriate theme.

Rose Quartz is the second anniversary gemstone themeYou could also look to the Gemstone Anniversary list which suggests Rose Quartz (although some variance is possible with Garnet also quoted) and if this is still not your ideal theme the appropriate flowers are Cosmos, of which there are many varieties.Comos are the appropriate flowers for the 2nd wedding anniversary

For 2nd anniversary gifts, Cotton themed presents are relatively easy to find with Handkerchief gifts sets or personalised Mr and Mrs Robes/ Towels a great choice. If your looking for a getaway break why not theme it to match the second anniversary. Something like a trip to the cotton fields in America or with straw you could look to have a picnic in a hayloft or simply arrange a hoe-down party with authentic straw bales.

We see a lot of Rose Quartz items purchased for the 2nd Anniversary both Necklace/Pendant sets and a lovely double Rose Quartz heart which is great for the 2nd year anniversary

We’ve got many more 2nd anniversary gift ideas on our main web site styled not only on the traditional material and the other lists that have been published but the ideas are drawn from lots of popular gift sites.

Themes for 2nd Anniversary Gifts recap

  • Traditional Anniversary Gifts: Cotton or Straw themed
  • Modern Anniversary Gifts: China themed
  • Gemstone Anniversary Gifts: Rose Quartz themed
  • Flower Anniversary Gifts: Comos themed


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1st Anniversary Gifts

Paper gifts are the traditional theme for 1st anniversary gifts and our best sellers show that the theme is a popular choice.

We offer a range of paper based gifts and below we’ve listed some of our favourites.

Wedding Anniversary Newspaper Gift Set

Wedding Anniversary Newspaper SetA unique gift idea for the anniversary couple, contains three original newspapers from the wedding day and both of the couple’s birth dates.

Presented in a beautiful hand-finished padded leatherette presentation case. The folder preserves and protects the authentic newspapers for generations to come. The cover is gold embossed, with the words ‘A Day To Remember’ a great gift idea and comes with an authentication certificate which you can also add your own personal message to. More details

Personalised Champagne and Newspaper Gift Set

Continuing the theme of original newpapers if you’re looking for a gift to give your spousePersonalised Champagne and Newspaper Gift Set then this alternative to the above has regularily mentioned as being well recieved.

A bottle of Champagne personalised with a message of your choice to the recipient and an original newspaper from the date you require.

The newspaper’s are complete originals and were printed for that day originally. The newspaper comes with a certificate of authenticity.
The Champagne is personalised with a unique anniversary label message of your choice and is ideal as a gift for a wedding anniversary.
The Newspaper and Champagne are supplied in a satin lined presentation gift box.  More Info
There are wide variations in what National Newspapers are available on any given day in the past, given the 1st Anniversary is only a year previous we would normally supply The Times although we can offer  also Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, The Telegraph etc. pretty much any national UK newspaper (also Scottish Dailies) If you would like an alternative to the Times then please let us know with a note at checkout and we’ll endeavour to supply the edition requested.Please note, should any of the days you require be a Sunday there is a £20 surcharge due to their additional costs and scarcity, also some special days where major world events cause scarcity of the original papers there is a surcharge required if indeed they are available.
Should either of these occur we will contact you to arrange payment or cancel the order. Alternatively you could order a Daily Mirror Anniversary Book which is a failthful reproduction of the 3 days newspapers you select in a book form.

 Personalised Couple Caricature

Church door personalised wedding caricatureAnother popular alternative to originally newspapers yet retaiing a unique theme is a personalised caricature, we offer a numther of alternatives some with a set background and the couples faces through to a complete bespoke caricature where the background and clothing can be defined how you want, all for under £100 which I think you’ll agree is excellent valuse for money!

We’ve a wide range with pre-selected backgrounds that cover traditional weddings in churches, temples and mosques plus fun ones like James Bond or Party themes. Check our complete range here

If you the full bespoke caricature then please fill in your requirements here

We’ve many gifts available for the 1st anniversary, check out our full range of gifts.We also maintain a list of our top sellers on Pinterest here: Top 5 1st Anniversary Gifts


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Attending an Anniversary celebration and gift giving

Q. We are about to attend a 50th wedding anniversary. We are distant relatives. We realise the 50th is gold. We are wondering about a gift. Do we need to take one? Does it have to be gold?Gold Jewellery for gift giving

A. Firstly, does the invitation give any clue, sometimes they say no gifts or similar, if not then within your family circle when similar events go on are gifts given?, is the event formal or informal?

These may help answer your question on whether they would be expected, etiquette experts are torn on this subject some will tell you that an invitation implies a gift should be presented unless explicitly stated whereas others state that an invitation does not mean a gift is required, this effectively is dependent upon your family and social circle and their expectations.

As it is the 50th and as you stated it is the Golden Wedding this does not mean the gift has to be Gold it is merely the symbol associated with the anniversary.

Many other gifts are available such as commemorative glasses, personalised gifts etc. These indicate the anniversary and are not gold. Mementos of the actually wedding are sometimes good or even a photographic history of their life since the marriage. My personal favourite especially for a major anniversary such as this is a bottle of fine wine or champagne bottled in the year they got married. Check our Golden Wedding gift section here: to see a range of gift ideas for any budget.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2013

We’ve just updated our Valentines Day Gift ideas section (here) with some new gift ideas plus we’ve got our tried and tested gifts that are sure to bring a smile to your partner’s face (or potential partner of course!)

What’s new:

Discover your Lover

Discover your lover Board game, An erotic game for two - take a sexual journey with your partner! If you’re in a strong stable relationship then this new game we’ve added is a great way to spice up your love life, With 3 levels of play from tender and playful to the more passionate and exciting you can set the level you feel best suits you and your partner.

The game brings you closer together and shows you surprising sides of yourself and your partner.  It can be disarming, exciting, direct and daring, hilarious at times but never disrespectful.

Romantic Heart Game.

 The Romantic Heart is a daring and enticing game for you and your partner.Simple rules with over 100 romantic challenges, this is another great heart game from Tease and Please This is a great game to test how romantic you and your partner are! Either one of you takes a paper roll out of the Heart, using the supplied tweezers and then carry out the suggestion it contains.  We stock other heart games for the more intrepid couple with far steamier options. This is selling fast and with limited stocks you’ll need to be quick!

Our Tried and Tested Ideas:

Two Hearts beat as One keyring

Tow Hearts as One Keyring This is a superb gift idea for any couple on your Anniversary or St Valentine's day.This is always a best seller at Valentine’s Day, two keyrings but with a single heart bringing them together makes it whole again, simple yet conveys the true meaning of Love! Each half can be personalised with a name or something else of your choice up to 11 characters. We like the engravings ‘Two Hearts’ ‘As one’ or ‘Together’ ‘We beat’ although ‘Snugglebutt’ and ‘Cuddlebug’ may take some beating! with quick dispatch times including a Next day delivery option (if ordered before noon) this is available, subject to stock right up to Valentine’s Day eve.

We’ve many more St Valentines Day gift ideas in our secure eCommerce gift store all products are dispatch promptly from our UK offices in robust and discreet packaging.

However you choose to celebrate St Valentine’s Day we hope you and your chosen partner have a great day and your celebration goes smoothly.


Shipping & Returns

We use Royal Mail to dispatch orders and thus follow their timetable for posting orders.

All indicative postage and packing prices shown on our product pages are for the single item dispatched by itself for delivery within mainland UK.
  • All Items unless stated are dispatched from our Offices in the United Kingdom (UK).
  • All Priority, Next day, Saturday, Courier and high value items with Free delivery options require a signature on delivery at the address provided thus cannot be left unattended, delivered to PO Box addresses or left with neighbours.
  • All Stock items shown on our web site are in stock and are available for immediate dispatch from Berkshire in Great Britain.

Domestic Shipping Options

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If the item cannot be delivered then typically a card will be left informing you of the delivery attempt, you are then given options on how to receive the item, these options vary by region and you should check with your Local Royal Mail Services as to their options.

When selecting multiple products the shipping methods offered will only be the delivery methods available for all products in your basket i.e. if a Next Day Delivery product and Priority Shipping Product are in the same basket only Priority Shipping will be offered at checkout.

Free Shipping

The item will be dispatched to mainland UK addresses using Royal Mail 2nd Class or an equivalent Parcel postal service if the item is too lage/heavy for Royal Mail Services.

Delivery from Order should typically take between 3 & 5 working days in the UK however please allow up to 14 days. Contact us after 7 days to ascertain your order status if you have not received it.

UK Free Shipping

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Delivery from Order for stock orders should typically take 1-2 working days in the UK however this is not guaranteed so please allow up to 14 days. Contact us after 7 days to ascertain your order status if you have not received it. Items requiring personalisation will typically take longer and an estimate for delivery is given on the relevant product pages.

Note: Delivery to Scottish Highlands, UK Islands and Northern Ireland can use this service however delivery may take longer, please check with Royal Mail for further details.

UK Standard Shipping
Weight Range
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Next Workday Delivery (Mainland UK only)

Available for Stock Items or personalised items that only require engraving.

If Next day delivery is selected and the order is received before 3.00 pm (1500 hours) (12.00 noon for personalised items) on a working day then it will be dispatched for delivery the next working day. This delivery option requires a signature on delivery thus cannot be left unattended nor delivered to PO Box addresses.

If received after 3.00pm on a working day or on a non-working day then the order will be dispatched for next day delivery the next available working day after receipt of order. E.g. if an order is placed for next day delivery on Monday evening the product will be dispatched on Tuesday for next day delivery on Wednesday.

Next Day Delivery Orders received at the weekend will be processed and dispatched Monday for delivery Tuesday. We use Royal Mail’s Special Delivery before 1.00pm for this service which guarantees delivery by 1.00pm the next day for stock items, Personalised Items are typically sent by Courier for delivery before 5.00pm next day.

Note: Priority shipping costs the same as it is dispatched using the same delivery method as our Next Day service. Products that are available for Priority Shipping will take longer to arrive than Next Day Delivery as their processing cannot be done quick enough to achieve Next Day Delivery.

Note: Delivery to Scottish Highlands, UK Islands and Northern Ireland can use this service however delivery may take longer, please check with Royal Mail for further details

UK Next Day Delivery
Weight Range
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Priority Shipping (Mainland UK only)

Priority Shipping is available for personalised or non-stock items that cannot be dispatched using our next day service.

It is designed so when dispatched your order will use the fastest method available through the delivery service e.g. Guaranteed Next Day delivery ensuring your parcel is delivered as quickly as possible. This delivery option requires a signature on delivery thus cannot be left unattended nor delivered to PO Box addresses.

If received during a weekday priority orders will be processed as soon as practicable and will be delivered within the time scale details on the individual product page.

Priority Shipping orders received at the weekend will be processed aon Monday for delivery as soon as possible (see individual product pages for details). We use Royal Mail’s Special Delivery for this service which guarantees delivery by 1.00pm the next day following dispatch, Personalised Items if sent by Courier will arrive before 6.00pm next day.

Note: Delivery to Scottish Highlands, UK Islands and Northern Ireland can use this service however delivery may take longer, please check with Royal Mail for further details

NB. If you order contains an item that is only available on a priority shipping basis the entire order will default to this delivery method rather than Next Day Delivery.

UK Next Day Delivery
Weight Range
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UK Highlands Islands N. Ireland Courier (2-4 days)

Use of the Standard Shipping is recommended as it is likely to be delivered in the same timescales yet for a lower cost.

International & European postal Services

Our checkout system presents the shipping costs based upon the shipping address selected and the chosen shipping method. Based upon shipping from our offices in the UK. We offer the following options for delivery internationally

Shipping – European Addresses

The item will be dispatched from our office in the UK using Royal Mail’s International Signed for Service Airmail postal service.

Delivery from Order should typically take between 3 & 5 working days however please allow up to 14 days. Contact us after 5 days to ascertain your order status if you have not received it. Airmail services are subject to stringent security checks and during peak postal traffic times delays may be expected, this is beyond our control.

European Standard Shipping
Weight Range (g) Cost
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Standard Shipping – International Shipping (Not Europe)

The item will be dispatched from our offices in the UK addresses using Royal Mail’s International Signed for Service Airmail postal service.

Delivery from Order should typically take between 6-8 working Days however please allow up to 14 days. Contact us after 8 days to ascertain your order status if you have not received it. Airmail services are subject to stringent security checks and during peak postal traffic times delays may be expected, this is beyond our control.

Items may be subject to Customs clearance in your Country, this may, depending upon your country, add a delay in the shipping time. Please check with your local authorities prior to order.

Outside Europe Standard Shipping
Weight Range (g) Cost
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Economy Shipping – International addresses

Due to the long shipping timescales offered by low cost international shipping (typically 4-6 weeks minimum) we do not offer an international economy service, if you would like an item shipped via this method please contact us with details of what you would like shipped and will assist with prices and approximate timescales.

Priority ShippingEuropean Shipping

We offer a single service to European addresses as there are few options that provide a cost effective solution to improve upon the timescales currently offered by our standard European shipping service.

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Priority Shipping – International (not Europe)

We offer a single service to International addresses as there are few options that provide a cost effective solution to improve upon the timescales currently offered by our standard International shipping service.

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Note: Priority shipping is available to :

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  • Rest of the World: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and USA

Personal Collection

We are an internet based organisation and as such do not have a bricks and mortar shop thus we can only dispatch orders for delivery to you address or to an address of you choosing.

Other Terms

These Terms and Conditions are in addition to our standard terms and conditions

If the item is found to be out of stock due to an error we will advise you as soon as this is confirmed to see if you would like to cancel the order or await new stock. Occasionally Items are discontinued by our suppliers and no longer available in this instance a refund will be provided.

We reserve the right to refuse delivery to specific addresses both in the UK and internationally either due to an increased risk of theft or the address cannot be located.

We may deliver locally to our office by hand at our discretion if resource is available, it is sunny and it would be quicker than the dispatch method selected. If this option is used the delivery charges paid will still apply.

If a product specifies free delivery then we have incorporated the delivery cost within the product price and will ship the product via our chosen delivery method only; this will be irrespective of the method chosen during the checkout process. These products may be marked as free delivery or another easily identifiable method to identify there is no additional shipping/postage costs.

Weights of items detailed throughout the store are the shipping weights of the item and may not necessarily be the actual weight of the item which may be higher or lower than this weight.

Shipping costs are made up of the postage costs charged by our delivery agent, packaging costs and VAT. All items are securely packaged to ensure safe delivery. We tend to recycle packaging material although for security although we typically use new outer packaging.

Personalised items are typically dispatched directly from our suppliers/engravers and as such are subject to their own delivery times (as stated on the relevant product pages)

Due to packaging constraints we may send multiple parcels when more than one item is ordered, we will endeavour to keep this to a minimum.

We use Royal Mail services to dispatch our goods and as such are reliant on their working days which are classed as Monday to Friday 0900 to 1700 hours excluding bank holidays. Goods ordered outside of these times will be dispatched on the next available working day.

Special delivery requests such as “leave in shed/ porch if not in” can only be honoured if you have this agreement in place with your local Royal Mail delivery agent. All such requests will only form part of our contract with you if accepted by us, in writing, prior to you placing an order through our web site.


In the event of a complaint or if you are in any way unhappy with the service or products, please let us know by calling us on 01344 420 936 or please e-mail marking your email “Complaint”. Alternatively, you can write to us at our postal address.

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Returns Policy.

  • Goods that are received damaged should be notified to us within 14 days of receipt and returned within 30 days, we will use reasonable endeavours to get a replacement to you quickly.
  • No Quibble Returns. If you are unhappy with the product you may return it to us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund as long as it is received by us in the same condition we dispatched it. You are responsible for the return postage and packing costs unless you have previously registered as a UK customer.
  • Distance Selling Directive; if you change you mind you may return your item unopened for a full refund within 14 days of receipt. You are responsible for the return postage costs.
  • Personalised Gifts; If you have made a mistake on your order please notify us as soon as possible, we may be able to correct it before it is processed and manufactured. If the item has been personalised as directed in your order then you will have to pay for the order or a reprint charge (if available). If there is a mistake and it is not as you ordered we will correct it or refund your order at our discretion.
  • If on receipt you find you have made a mistake on your order please contact us as often we may be able to redo the personalised bit at a reduced fee.
  • Registered Customers can return an item free of charge by using our Returns process available from ‘My Orders’ in your accounts page. (Only available to orders placed as a registered customer)


Within the European Union there is no extra duty or tax payable.

Deliveries outside the European Union may incur customs inport or local taxes which will be charged by your postal delivery service directly to you if affected. We have no control over this and cannot refund or reimburse any such payment. Typically printed paper goods and those under a certain value (typically around £24) are unlikely to attract any taxes.

Orders outside the European Community are exempt from UK Tax (VAT) Although shown on the emailed order confirmation and during checkout this portion of the goods price will be used to offset the additional postage costs. A full receipt will be dispatched with the goods indicating this unless the item is indicated as a gift, in which case, upon request, a receipt will be sent direct to the customer.

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Orders sent as Gifts

If you are sending your order directly to the recipients as a gift we can include a gift notelet, at no extra charge. Please use the Order Comments and Special Requests box on the Customer information/Delivery Details screen during checkout to let us know it is a gift being sent direct and include the words you would like on the notelet.

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Who we are

AnniversaryIdeas web site is owned and operated by Beacon Support Services Ltd (BSS). At BSS, we care about your privacy. We will never share your personal identifying information with any third party unrelated to fulfilling your order. We will also only share the minimum information necessary to fulfil your order.

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Our website address is:

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Contact forms and Product Personalisation Details

When you provide other people’s Personal Data

If you provide other people’s personal data for a personalised gift we will process this Customer Content (which may include Personal Information) as a data processor on your behalf. Under EU law, you are the data controller of the Customer Content, and as such you are responsible for complying with applicable data protection laws in respect of the processing of Customer Content and the lawful instructions you give us.

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What data breach procedures we have in place

We have put in place procedures to deal with any suspected personal data breach and will notify you and any applicable regulator of a breach where we are legally required to do so.

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We receive payment confirmation details from our Payment Processor

What automated decision making and/or profiling we do with user data

We use Geolocation technology to limit sales to territories we do business in, this is based on IP addresses only.

Our Payment Processors use profiling for Fraud Prevention. All PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy.

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All PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy. Service

Polyfill Service provides snippets of code, called “polyfills”, that allows websites to provide a consistent experience across different browsers. When you load a web page which uses Polyfill Service, your browser will download any polyfills required to present the web page successfully in your browser. This Service is referred to as “Polyfill”.

What information do Polyfill collect for the Service?

The Service is a hosted instance of software known as Polyfill Service.

In order to provide the polyfills, the Service receives from your browser certain technical information including:

  • browser details;
  • connection details (such as your IP address which can identify your approximate location and/or name of your ISP);
  • the URL of the web page which has made the request to the Service.

They use that information to determine which polyfills are required by your browser. They then retain only the following information:

  • the domain of the web page which has made the request to the Service;
  • the user agent string for your browser;
  • the set of polyfills that were requested by the web page.

The information they retain cannot identify you.

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St Valentine’s Day Thursday 14th February 2013

It’s an expensive time of year for all you Lover’s out there, you just finish paying for the

For all you Lover's out there
St Valentines Day 14th February 2013

romance at Christmas and then you get hit with Valentine’s Day!

Gifts wrapped for St Valentine's DayThis year Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday which we figure is probably one of the best days of the week for Valentines to fall upon simply because it stretches the weekend out by at least a day which at this time of year is great!

Tradition holds that the first Valentine card was sent in 270 A.D. by St. Valentine himself on the eve of his execution for refusing to renounce Christianity. Signed “from your Valentine”, it was a note of appreciation from the young cleric to his jailer’s blind daughter who had brought him food and delivered messages for him.

The Romans celebrated St. Valentine’s Day as the Feast of Lupercalia, dedicated to the pastoral god Lupercus and to the Goddess of Love, Juno. The birds of Italy began mating on February 14, the oracles observed. Roman Maidens placed their names in an urn set up in the public square and courageous bachelors drew from it to obtain their “blind date” for the coming year. The Christian Church denounced these “love lotteries” as pagan rituals. During the Middle Ages, “love lotteries” persisted in France as “chance boxes” that allotted couples one year to get married or part company and, in England, men wore the name of the girl they drew on their sleeve encircled with a heart.

Written Valentines appeared around the year 1400 as quaint love missives and many were anonymous. Church opposition gradually declined and, by the 1700s, the familiar “roses are red, violets are blue…” verses were popular and in France, Valentines grew in size and elegance featuring ribbons, lace, gilt and other intricate effects made by hand.

The first Valentines in America were exchanged during the Revolutionary days and were mostly handmade with sentimental verses written in a flowing script. In 1840, Miss Esther Howland, an imaginative artist and entrepreneur became the first regular publisher of Valentines in the United States. She became a successful businesswoman heading her own publishing firm specialising in Valentine cards.

Around 1850, the first “Vinegar Valentines” were produced. These masterpieces of insult were sent anonymously and were popular along with the usual sentimental Valentines until around 1910 when the strictly sentimental ones gained more popularity. Since that time, Valentine’s Day cards can be found to fit almost any relationship. In fact, teachers receive more Valentine’s Day cards than anyone else.

49th Year Wedding Anniversary

49th year wedding anniversary modern theme is luxuries, any kindWith your 49th year wedding anniversary approaching you and your partner are almost at the ultimate achievement of a half century as a married couple. This calls for some celebration and you should take a look around our website for some inspiration on what to buy as a 49th year wedding anniversary gift. You will notice that we have a great range of ideas for you to choose from such as jewellery, delivery of flowers and many gems and other items related to this year specifically.

As you will be well-aware, there are usually traditional items associated with each wedding but with the 49th it’s up to you to choose. We have a myriad of wedding anniversary gift ideas but you know your spouse so well that you can simply match up what they would love to receive. It’s the same story with flowers, there aren’t any specifically associated with the 49th year wedding anniversary but that just means that you could buy some flowers online and have them delivered, making sure that they are your wife’s favourite. As you have the big 50th year of being married, use this year’s anniversary to create a wonderful build up to the milestone year.

Luxurious spa swimming pool room to represent the 49th year anniversary themeNormally, there are gemstones associated with certain wedding anniversaries but the 49th doesn’t have any particular ones .However, as ladies love to receive jewellery, you could push the boat out and buy some stunning earrings, a new bracelet or even a ring with a gorgeous gem on it. From sapphires to rubies and emeralds, there are many different gems you could buy and we have a great choice of 49th year wedding anniversary gift ideas on our site to help you decide.

There is one theme that is associated with the 49th wedding anniversary from modern times and that is any kind of luxuries. As it’s your wedding anniversary and encouraging you both to remember why you got married and have spent your lives together you should really make the most of your anniversary date so spoil your partner with an array of anniversary gifts this year.

As next year is your 50th make the most of this year as it marks the end of your half century together. Take this time to celebrate spending all of those hours, days, weeks, months and years together and look forward to each coming year. You have something special as being married for this long is something of a rarity and you should express your love for each other with the exchanging of wedding anniversary gifts. Take a look around our website for some inspiration and treat your spouse to some fantastic luxuries that they deserve.

49th year wedding anniversaryThe 49th year wedding anniversary Facts and Figures


On the 49th anniversary of your marriage you would have been married for 17,885 days or 429,240 hours or 25,754,400 minutes which is over 1,545 million seconds!

During this time you would have shared, on average, over 134,100 hours of snuggle time (sleeping!) or about 15 years, 4 months; assuming you don’t work together you’ve been apart for over 103,605 hours which is about 11 years, 10 months. You would have by now shared about 39,000 meals together which equates to approximately 2 years, 7 months of continuous eating!

49th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Please see out 49th Anniversary Gifts page for our full range of gift ideas some are below;