Copper & Steel Calla Lilly

Whether you are looking for the perfect thank-you present, a unique home decor item or a thoughtful anniversary gift, our beautiful Copper Calla Lilies fit the bill.

Copper is the traditional symbol of the 7th wedding anniversary; a bouquet of handcrafted Copper Calla Lilies makes a welcome, thoughtful and enduring gift to celebrate this special occasion.

Designed and handmade by Derbyshire artist Richard Bower, these stunning art pieces are individually crafted with brilliant copper petals perched atop intricate steel stems and stamens, resulting in a lifelike interpretation of this delicate, majestic flower.


Measuring approximately 50cm to 60cm tall, as with natural lilies, no two Copper Calla Lilies are exactly alike. The realism and slight variation in the height makes this metal flower the perfect choice for everlasting bouquets for the home or office. Our Copper Calla Lilies are priced per stem; vase sold separately.


If you wish to order more than a single stem then it will be quicker to order direct from the Sculptral Artist’s Website: More Info


Calla Lillies in Metal

This beautiful ‘Calla Lilly’ have been created by Artist and Designer Ricky Bower and are a sympathetic interpretation of one of nature’s most majestic flowers. Copper petals rise from a steel stem with an intricately designed steel stamen completing the piece. Each flower is individually handcrafted, therefore no two are exactly the same. This, as in nature, adds to the uniqueness of this piece of art. Price is per individual stem, sold without the vase.