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Celebrating 50 years of marriage in 2018 with Music

Golden Wedding 50th Anniversary Music from 1968Many parties are thrown to celebrate a Golden Wedding Anniversary whether they are formal, informal or just slung together we can help with the right music to celebrate 50 years of marriage.

Get our CD gift greeting card for 1968 which has a CD  inside with a multitude of top hits from the year they were married with many love songs that will bring the memories of yester-year flooding back.

The complete playlist is as follows with a brief synopsis as well to help you.

  1. Fleetwood Mac – Albatross ~ First Released 22 November 1968, eventually got to No.1 on 25th January 1969 spending 18 weeks on the chart this time (it has a number of releases) although this remains Fleetwood Mac’s only ever UK number one hit.
  2. Simon & Garfunkel – Mrs. Robinson ~ Made Famous from the Sound track of the film with the same name, the film was released in advance of the single (in 1967) and the Single reached it’s highest position of No. 4 in the week ending 7th August 1968.
  3. Gary Puckett & The Union Gap – Young Girl ~ Reached No. 1 Weekending 22nd May 1968 and stayed there for another 3 weeks remaining on the top 40 chart for 16 weeks.
  4. Andy Williams – Can’t Help Falling In Love ~ Reached No. 5 in the week ending 1st May 1968 and was in the top 40 for 14 weeks.
  5. 1910 Fruitgum Co – Simon Says ~ A classic bubblegum pop record, first release in the UK in March 1968 it reached No. 2 in the week ending 1st May 1968 spending 14 weeks on the top 40 chart.
  6. Elvis Presley – Guitar Man ~ Released in 1967 in the USA it was not released in the UK until Feb. 1968 only reaching No. 19 in the top 40 in the week ending 27th March 1968.
  7. Sly & The Family Stone – Dance To The Music ~ Released in the UK in July 1968 this song reached No. 7 in the week ending 14th August 1968 remaining in the top 40 for 13 weeks.
  8. Nina Simone – Ain’t Got No-I Got Life ~ Released on October 1968 it reached N0. 2 in the week ending 18th December 1968 spending 10 weeks on the chart.
  9. Box Tops – Cry Like A Baby ~  Released in April 1968 it reached No. 15 in the UK charts in the week ending 1st May 1968 spending 10 weeks in the top 40.
  10. Big Brother & The Holding Company (Feat. Janis Joplin) – Piece Of My Heart ~ In 2004, the Big Brother and the Holding Company version was ranked number 353 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The song is also included among The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.
  11. Ohio Express – Yummy, Yummy, Yummy ~ reached No. 5 in the top 40 in the week ending 17th July 1968 spending 12 weeks on the chart.
  12. Reparata & The Delrons – Captain Of Your Ship ~ An American Girl group who found more fame in the UK their their native USA. Following the success of this single, the group toured the United Kingdom, with the backing group Clouds.
  13. Hugo Montenegro – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly ~ This is the sound track to the same film however this No. 1 hit was a cover of the original with the film being released in 1966. It has since become one of the most iconic scores in film history. The record reached No. 1 in the week ending 13th November 1968 and stayed there for 4 weeks remaining in the top 40 for 20 weeks.
  14. The Byrds – You Ain’t Going Nowhere ~ This is a classic Bob Dylan track covered by The Byrds, although popular it never got above 45th position in the UK charts although did better in Canada reaching No. 11.
  15. Lemon Pipers – Green Tambourine ~ Absolute classic sixties hippy chick music iconic of the era. Peaked at No. 7 in the week ending 13th March 1968 remaining in the top 40 for 10 weeks.
  16. Gun – Race With The Devil ~ Great Guitar Riff in this song Reached N0. 8 in the week ending 18th December 1968.
  17. Bruce Channel – Keep On ~ reached No 12 in the top 40 in August 1968 spending 14 weeks on the chart top forty.
  18. José Féliciano – Light My Fire ~ Vocalist and guitarist José Féliciano experienced significant international success when he released his version of “Light My Fire” in 1968 as a single it Peaked in the UK on 30th October 1968 at No. 6 position spending 12 weeks in the top 40.
  19. Laura Nyro – Stoned Soul Picnic ~The best-known version of the song was recorded by The 5th Dimension, and was the first single released from their album of the same title. It was the most successful single from that album, reaching No.3 on the U.S. Pop chart and No.2 on the Billboard R&B chart. It became a platinum record. Source Wikipedia
  20. The Love Affair – Everlasting Love. ~ An complete classic finishes off this CD perfectly, if was No. 1 for two weeks reach number one on the week of 31st January 1968, it remained on the charts for 12 weeks.

You could complement this with the number one for the week they got married (check what song here or if you want a longer playlist then how about a montage of number ones from their anniversary for every year since they wed.

Other memorable chart hits during this year that cannot be included due to differing Artist copyrights are Clif Richard’s No. 1 Hit ‘Congratulations’ and a version of ‘Anniversary Waltz’ sung by the iconic Anita Harris.

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Five romantic things to do together in the UK during the month of June

Romantic Ideas to do together in JuneWith thousands of romantic things to do with your partner in the UK during (hopefully) a warm and sunny June, where do you begin deciding where to spend time cuddling, smooching and enjoying each others company?

Here are five suggestions that will give you some ideas and make the month of June a memorable one for you and your favourite person.

1. Dorset–Cerne Abbas Giant

Thought to be an ancient pagan symbol of fertility, the Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset has attracted (and aroused) couples for years because of the giant’s “upstanding” attribute and erotic appearance.  The giant has also been likened to Hercules, a Roman figure usually drawn or sculpted as a well-developed figure entering battle totally naked–except for a lion skin draped over his shoulder.

Located near the charming village of Cerne Abbas, the well-endowed giant of a man has been carved into chalk rock on Giant Hill and may be thousands of years old–or several hundred years old, depending on which historian you believe. Folk beliefs about the Cerne Abbas giant claim that women who sleep on the giant are “blessed” with a strong sex drive. It is also said that infertility can be reversed if a couple make love on top of the giant–or, more precisely, directly on his phallus.

2. Cardiff, Wales–the Llandaff Ghost Walk

What could be more romantic than clutching each other close during a ghost walk and returning to the warm, comfy safety of your bed and breakfast room and the glow of a lovely fireplace? Take this walk through an ancient village alive (or dead!) with abandoned graveyards, dusty ruins, darkly wooded lanes and the possibility of sinister phantoms moaning in you and your lover’s ear.  A guide bearing a torch leads you through the spooky ghost walk while telling tales of past ghost sightings and strange doings in the village.

3. Scottish Highlands

Scenic trails, sparkling streams, impressive visuals of lovely meadows and dramatic mountain peaks will awake the romantic souls in any couple visiting the Scottish Highlands in June. Hold hands while exploring majestic castles, embrace each other while taking boat cruises on Loch Ness or Loch Shiel and stroll through the picturesque villages of Plockton and Loch Carron. Romantic accommodation is also available in the Scottish Highlands that include the Westhaven B&B and the Ryeford B&B, which is less than a mile from downtown Inverness.

4. Stratford-Upon-Avon

Book a room at the luxurious Arden Hotel and let the romantic ambiance of this beautiful boutique hotel warm your hearts (and your bodies) as you snuggle in a big, soft bed and watch Casablanca on a giant, flat-screen television. The Arden also hosts jazz music on Sundays, food and ale evenings and themed holiday weekends. There’s also a champagne bar where you can toast your soul-mate with glasses of bubbly while whispering sweet nothings into his or her ear.

Across from the Arden is the famous Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre where you might catch a showing of “Romeo and Juliet” before heading back to that wonderfully chic Champagne Bar.

5. Belfast, Northern Ireland

Intimate, romantic Darcy’s Restaurant in the heart of Belfast offers delicious British dishes as well as an impressive wine list and candlelight dining. Feed your partner fresh grapes and apply chutney or Darcy’s famous “Pavlova Stack”, a delectable serving of ice cream, chocolate sauce and nuts and fresh cream. After dining, explore Cave Hill Country Park and its walking trails and breathtaking views of quiet, misty Northern Ireland

25th years Silver Wedding Anniversary

25th year wedding anniversaryThe Silver Wedding, to give the 25th year wedding anniversary it’s formal title, is the first anniversary where the various anniversary lists converge and all call it the Silver Wedding, except for the flower list, which states Iris as the appropriate flower for 25 years of marriage. This is one of the very original wedding anniversary celebrations that can be traced back to its original roots in Austria/Prussia where it was called the “Silberne Hochzeit” which is German for Silver Wedding. The celebration is now popular having been spread throughout Europe by Royal Families acknowledging the event and celebrating it.

The 25th year wedding anniversary is the first of the major anniversaries after all being married for a quarter of a century is no small achievement!

So what is the best way to commemorate or celebrate 25 years of marriage?Silver Ingot image There certainly is no prescribe method and there are many options;

  • Renew your Vows – this can simply be a small ceremony in the church of your choice or perhaps it can be a flow blown re-enactment of your original marriage ceremony or even if, when you married 25 years previous, you did not have the funds to do your wedding justice this is the time to improve on the original.
  • Have a Party – Silver Wedding parties are frequent, it is tradition to put no gifts on the invitation however it is also tradition for people to ignore this statement so do not get offended if they do! Have a Holiday – 2nd Honeymoon if you like, Cruises are a very popular choice for celebrating your 25th year Wedding Anniversary
  • Commemorate with something in Silver – With the couple’s children often of wage earning age by now they often club together to commemorate the event with a signature piece of giftware in silver.

25th year wedding anniversary silver wedding teaset gift idea image
A common choice used to be a Silver Tea set although nowadays there are so many great gift ideas available in silver so you will be spoilt for choice. The Gemstone wedding anniversary list shows Sterling Silver associated with this Anniversary. Sterling Silver is silver however it would have some form of mark normally an assay mark denoting it’s quality by the amount of silver in the item, to be classed as sterling silver it should have at least 925 parts per 1000 parts.

25th anniversary flowers - iris imageThe Flowers Wedding anniversary list associates the Iris as the appropriate flower. From the language of flowers the purple Iris declares Ardour e.g. “You have set my heart a-glow”.

25th year wedding anniversary facts and figures

25th year wedding anniversary under the spotlightOn the anniversary of your marriage you would have been married for

  • 9,125 days or
  • 219,000 hours or
  • 13,140,000 minutes
  • over 788 million seconds

During this time you would have shared, on average, over 68,000 hours of snuggle time (sleeping!) or almost 8 years; assuming you don’t work together you’ve been apart for over 52,000 hours which is about 6 years and have had over 19,000 meals together which equates to approximately 470 days of continuous eating!

25th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Please see out 25th Anniversary Gifts page for our full range of gift ideas some are below;


21st Year Wedding Anniversary

Brass artefacts match the modern symbol for the 21st year wedding anniversaryTraditionally, the 21st year wedding anniversary does not have any symbols or materials associated with it, but in more modern times, the theme of a great 21st wedding anniversary gift has been associated with nickel or brass. Those two elements are stunning metals that opens up the doors to a myriad of items and gifts that will be perfect for the 21st year of marriage.

When it comes to buying a wedding gift, you should already be well-experienced after the past 20 years, but as your anniversary is a special time for you to remember your wedding day and your wedding vows, you might need a little helping hand and that’s what we can provide. Nickel is a stunning metal that can be found in many jewellery items and brass is perfect for home furniture or outdoor garden furniture.

Nickel block showing Ni for its designation in the periodic table.You could buy a gorgeous sculpture or a chic paperweight made from the metals and even have it engraved with the 21st wedding anniversary gift emblazoned upon it. Your partner is part of your life and has been for two decades, and now you’re into the third. As such, you should find a way to make the wedding anniversary gift very special so you can enjoy it both together whole-heartedly.

Surprisingly, the 21st wedding anniversary does not have any flowers connected to it, unlike many other anniversary gifts. However, as all women love freshly cut and bought flowers, buying some of her favourite flowers will be the icing on the cake for the wedding anniversary, and as there are no traditional bunches of flowers it will seem just that little bit extra special, and will show you’ve used your initiative.

Iolite ring in a blue jewellery cushioned case indicating the type of gifts that can be purchased for the 21st year wedding anniversaryThe gemstone that is associated with the 21st wedding anniversary is iolite, which is a stunning gem that is another name for cordierite and can even be colourless, brittle gem that has a blue-purple tinge sometimes and looks divine. It’s perfect for jewellery such as necklaces or bracelets, or even a ring.

The 21st year wedding anniversary gift should be just as a special as the previous years, and the following years to come, and that’s why we have combined the finest gifts you can buy your loved one on this special day.The iodite comes from all corners of the world, such as Australia, Burma, India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Brazil, Canada, Madagascar and even Connecticut, and depending on where it originated from will depend on the colour. The gems normally are blue to purple but there are yellow and gray versions of the same gem, that are just as impressive.

The 21st year wedding anniversary Facts and Figures

On the 21st anniversary of your marriage you would have been married for 7,665 days or 183,960 hours or 11,037,600 minutes which is over 662 million seconds!

During this time you would have shared, on average, over 57,400 hours of snuggle time (sleeping!) or about 6 years, 7 months; assuming you don’t work together you’ve been apart for over 44,402 hours which is about 5 years, 1 month. You would have by now shared about 16,700 meals together which equates to approximately 1 year, 1 month of continuous eating!

Whatever you want to buy for your partner on this special day, make sure the 21st wedding anniversary gift will wow them and make a big impact. Although there are no traditional themed gifts to buy, you could take this opportunity to use the modern theme gift which is brass or nickel, and add in the gems of iodite. Buy her some flowers of her choice to make up for the lack of themed flowers associated with the day, and make the 21st wedding anniversary something to remember.

21st Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Please see out 21st Anniversary Gifts page for our full range of gift ideas some are below;

6th Year Wedding Anniversary

6th year wedding anniversary traditional theme - candyYou’re well into your marriage and it’s time for your 6th year wedding anniversary. It’s a special time, as always, as it marks the next year closer to a decade since your big day. As you will want to pamper and impress your loved one with gifts for this 6th year anniversary, you could choose from either the traditional or modern gifts, or of course, the flowers and gemstones that are associated with it.

If we focus on the traditional theme for the 6th anniversary, you will note that in the past candy or sugar and iron are generally regarded as the gifts to buy. Of course, this means that you can splash out on sugary foods and sweet candy, which everyone loves to indulge on occasionally. As iron represents solidarity and strength, buying a 6th year wedding anniversary gift made from iron shows that your love only gets stronger for one another and it is resistant to breaking. There are many gifts you can buy that are made from iron, which will last long, will be durable and intriguing to look at.

6th year wedding anniversary modern theme - woodThe contemporary or modern theme of the 6th year wedding anniversary is wood. Now, this is similar to iron in the notion that it is solid, looks fantastic and has many uses. Similar to your love for one another, it will be different to others but very similar too. It will be long-lasting and durable and in terms of 6th wedding anniversary gifts, you have a wide range of presents to choose from. Wooden gifts help you bring a piece of nature into the home and look rustic, beautiful and are a far cry from synthetic items. There are some amazing creations out there and talented craftsmen that can really make something special for your anniversary.

6th year appropriate flowers - calla lilies imageCalla lilies are the 6th year anniversary flower and are very understated but pretty at the same time. Your loved one will enjoy receiving flowers as the wedding anniversary gift and these heart-shaped petals are perfect for telling your partner just how much you love them. Women love flowers and as this is a unique and different kind of lily, it’s even more special!

6th year gemstones themes garnet and amethyst imageThe gemstones that are associated with the 6th wedding anniversary include garnet and amethyst. The former comes in almost every colour available and is sparkly, beautiful and used in many jewellery.

It’s generally dark red in colour which is warm and lovely, but there are many other colours too. Amethyst is more known than garnet and has been used in jewellery items for many years. Its purple or violet colours are magical and really make a difference compared to other gemstones.

The 6th Year Wedding Anniversary Facts and Figures

6th year spotlight image
On the 6th anniversary of your marriage you would have been married for 2,190 days or 52,560 hours or 3,153,600 minutes which is over 189 million seconds!

During this time you would have shared, on average, over 16,400 hours of snuggle time (sleeping!) or about 1 year 11 months; assuming you don’t work together you’ve been apart for over 12,686 hours which is about one year, five months. You would have by now shared about 4,700 meals together which equates to approximately 115 days of continuous eating!.

Whatever you buy as a 6th year wedding anniversary gift, make sure you choose wisely between either traditional, modern, flowers or the gemstones that are connected to this special occasion. You could choose to buy something from each theme or splash out on some special jewellery. There are many different items you could buy to show your love and appreciation for your marriage that is entering its seventh year.

Sixth Year Wedding anniversary Gift Ideas

Please see out 6th Anniversary Gifts page for our full range of gift ideas

4th Year Wedding Anniversary

fruit basket 4th year traditional anniversaryYou’re well into your marriage and as the 4th wedding anniversary is coming up you will be looking for gifts to buy your loved one. Of course, you know what they like and what they prefer, but many married couples choose to buy each other gifts that are associated with the 4th year anniversary, and choose the traditional, modern, gemstones or flowers that are widely regarded as symbols and themes to choose your gifts out of.
The traditional theme for the 4th wedding anniversary gift are flowers and fruit or Books. This shows that there is a freshness, a groundedness and a solidarity between you, and the flowers and fruit show life and fulfilment between you. Flowers and fruit are connected as they both grow over time and that is how your love grows stronger as the years pass. You could buy books, which the author has poured their heart and soul into, just as you do with your marriage, and the words are full of wisdom and honest. If you prefer to buy traditional themed presents for your 4th year anniversary then there is a myriad of choices.
electrical appliances 4th year anniversaryThe more modern or contemporary take on the 4th wedding anniversary gift are electrical appliances. Obviously, they don’t carry the sentiment of flowers or books, but they are ideal as practical presents. Whether it is something your partner has longed-for for a while or something that you know they’d love, then an electrical appliance is a great gift to give on this special 4th year anniversary. Of course, you could take this time to replace any older appliances that are past their best and look forward to the next four years with new ones.
Step carefully if you are choosing this modern theme as your anniversary gift idea! Originally when the modern list was created electrical appliances were the in vogue item as they were classed as labour saving devices nowadays the type of appliances purchased then are now associated with drudgery and mundane chores! Good electrical appliances to go for are the ones that bring joy such as the latest smart phones or tablet computers. Having said that there are many examples of a well timed gift of an electrical appliance can be seen as a really thoughtful gift (never an Iron though!)
Geranium 4th year anniversary flowerThe five-petal geranium flower is associated with the 4th wedding anniversary and is a brightly-coloured, beautiful one. It’s vibrant and bold, just like your love for one another is. There are many different types of geranium, although most are pink, purple or blue in colour. As you can see, they are fantastic as a gift for your 4th year anniversary and go well in any home or garden.
4th year anniversary gemstones imageThe gemstones that are associated as a 4th wedding anniversary gift are the stunning amethyst and wonderful golden topaz. Amethyst’s purple and pink in colour and is used as a jewel and ornaments.
It has a transparency and yet that purple glow comes through, which is similar to your relationship. After four years your love and knowledge of each other is open and yet there is a glow of mystery still to come. It’s a stunning gemstone and one of the most precious too.

4 year anniversary facts

4th year spotlight image
On the 4th anniversary of your marriage you would have been married for 1,460 days or 35,040 hours or 2,102,400 minutes which is over 126 million seconds!

During this time you would have shared, on average, over 10,000 hours of snuggle time (sleeping!) or about 1 year 3 months; assuming you don’t work together you’ve been apart for over 8,458 hours which is about one year. You would have by now shared over 3,100 meals together which equates to approximately 77 days of continuous eating!.

As you can see, the 4th year anniversary gift needn’t have to be a difficult choice. You can follow tradition and buy fruit, books and flowers, or you can splash out on home appliances and replace old ones. You could add a splash of colour to your garden and home with geraniums and capture the beauty of amethyst in jewellery. There really is no end to how many gifts you can give for this special day and many of them can be kept for years to come.

Please see out 4th Anniversary Gifts page for our full range of gift ideas

15th Year Wedding Anniversary

15th year wedding anniversary Traditional gift - Crystal imageThe Traditional Wedding Anniversary list shows that the 15th year wedding anniversary has a theme of Crystal. There are many options available to you to commemorate your 15th anniversary in Crystal there are many cut-glass Crystal vases, bowls or glasses available. Being a significant anniversary perhaps an ornamental bowl or vase is the ideal solution.

If you are looking for a statement piece then a great solution is a cut-glass crystal decanter with glasses. 24% Lead Crystal is the standard that should be sought when selecting crystal gifts.

watches the 15th year wedding anniversary modern symbolA contemporary or modern 15th year wedding anniversary gift has a theme of Watches. You can often get great bargains when you shop for a pair of watches rather than just one watch perhaps now is the time to treat yourself at the same time

Roses - 15 year anniversary appropriate flower imageThe flowers associated with the 15th anniversary are Roses. The language of flowers has many meanings for flowers depending upon their type some meanings are:

  • Red Rose – I Love You
  • Pink Rose – Perfect happiness; please believe me
  • Yellow Rose – Friendship
  • Thornless Rose – Love at first sight
  • Single, full bloom Rose – I love you; I still love you
  • Rose bud – Beauty and youth; a heart innocent of love
  • Red Rose bud – Pure and lovely
  • Bouquet of full bloom Roses – Gratitude
  • Rose Tea – I’ll always remember

Rock Crystal 15 year GemstoneThe Gemstone Wedding Anniversary list shows Rock Crystal is the appropriate gemstone for this year.

15th year wedding anniversary facts

spotlight on 15 year anniversary imageOn the 15th anniversary of your marriage you would have been married for 5,475 days or 131,400 hours or 7,884,000 minutes which is over 473 million seconds!

During this time you would have shared, on average, over  41,000 hours of snuggle time (sleeping!) or over 4 ½ years; assuming you don’t work together you’ve been apart for over 31,000 hours which is about 3 years 7 months and you would have had over 11,000 meals together which equates to approximately 284 days of continuous eating!

15th Year Wedding anniversary Gift Ideas

Please see out 15th Anniversary Gifts page for our full range of gift ideas