40th Ruby Anniversary Mugs

A lovely pair of 40th Ruby Anniversary Mugs. a great gift for a couple celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary.

These interesting mugs are a great asset to any home and a very thoughtful gift. The 40th anniversary mugs can serve as a keepsake and reminder of 40 years of marriage. The mugs are also neatly decorated with a pretty heart design as its main design feature with the wording 40th Anniversary above and below the heart.


These top selling and very popular mugs are ideal for the Ruby Anniversary, an inexpensive thoughtful gift that can actually get used for drinking out of or to be ornamental.

The Mugs come in an easy to wrap gift box to keep the mugs safe during posting and adds to the design if you are giving the 40th anniversary mugs as a present.


Box Dimensions: 23.5cm wide by 12.9cm high by 8.4cm deep. Box Contains 2 x Ruby Anniversary mugs. Diameter of mug 7.4cm and 10cm in height.

40th Anniversary Gift Set of 2 China Mugs Mr Right & Mrs Always Right

A Fun China Mug gift set celebrating their Ruby Wedding also knwn as the 40th Wedding Anniversary.

This China Mug Set is a great 40th anniversary gift for any couple that can see the funny side of life. You get two China Mugs one stating ’40 years of being Mr Right’, the other States ’40 years of being Mrs Always Right’, of course we know which is the correct one don’t we?

Supplied in an Amore gift box.

Dimensions: Gift Box 25.5cm long by 8cm deep by 11.5cm high.

Each Mug is 10.5cm high by 67mm diameter and will hold 10 fl oz quite comfortably.

Gift Set of two Mugs 40th Anniversary by Juliana

A lovely gift set that comprises of two china mugs/beakers in a presentation gift box. The mugs both have ‘Happy 40th Anniversary’ on one side and ‘On your Ruby Anniversary’ in the other. They are supplied in a red presentation gift box with similar script as the mugs on the front saying ‘ Happy 40th Anniversary’ Capacity 10 Fl Oz,

Overall Dimensions: Width:10cm (Diameter 7.5cm) Height:10cm (Diameter 7.5cm) Depth:7.5cm (Diameter 7.5cm)