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Keep It Clean and Carry On Tin

An ideal gift tin to accompany a weekend away. It contains all those essentials to ensure you’re not caught without!

The Embrace Cruet set

This lovable cruet set is a great anniversary gift and an excellent momento that will remind you of the event every time you reach for the salt! The Salt and Pepper pots are china and the base is bamboo wood.

The pepper pot is doing the embracing and stands 9cm tall whilst the salt can sit either in hugging or spooning mode and stands 7.5cm tall.

They are fillable from the base via removable plastic bungs.

Copper & Steel Calla Lilly

Ideal as a Copper or Steel Anniversary Gift comes this beautifully crafted metal and copper Rose from the Artisians at Art of Metal.

Copper Roses

Ideal as a Copper Anniversary Gift comes this beautifully crafted steel and copper Rose from the Artisians at Art of Metal.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts ideally suitable for the first Anniversary through to the Tenth Anniversary, the following is a list of the appropriate gifts for each of the years 1 through 10.

Anniversary YearModern Gift ListTraditional Gift ListGemstone Gift ListAppropriate Flowers
1st AnniversaryClocksPaperFresh Water PearlsPansies
2nd AnniversaryChinaStraw or CottonRose Quartz or GarnetCosmos
3rd AnniversaryCrystal or GlassLeatherCrystal or PearlsFushsia
4th AnniversaryElectrical AppliancesFruit & Flowers or BooksAmethyst or TopazGeranium
5th AnniversarySilverwareWoodSapphireDaisies
6th AnniversaryWoodSugar (Candy) or IronGarnet or AmethystCalla lilies
7th AnniversaryDesk SetWool or CopperLapis Lazuli or OnyxJack-in-the-pulpit
8th AnniversaryLinen or LacePottery or BronzeAventurine or Multi-coloured TourmalineClematis
9th AnniversaryLeatherWillow or PotteryTiger's Eye or Lapis LazuliPoppies
10th AnniversaryDiamond Jewellery Tin or AluminumBlack OnyxDaffodils

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