11th to 20th Year

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316 Wallet Clover Leaf Golf Ball Markers

316 Wallet Clover Leaf Golf Ball Markers

316 Wallet Key Fob

You could keep a spare front door key under the mat, in the letterbox or behind the flowerpot by the door, either way it’s a risk a Burglar may find it.

We suggest you use this natty Wallet Key Fob from touch of ginger and avoid the risk.

Credit card sized. Stylish etched stainless steel. Super slim to fit your wallet.

316 Wallet Shirt Accessories (Collar Stiffeners,etc.)

Restore shirt collars to their former glory with these stainless steel collar stiffeners from touch of ginger. Just twist them out of the handy carrier plate and load them up for that new shirt look.

Carry on and Burn Rubber Tin

A gift tin full of those glove box essentials you never seem to have! Ideal for those trips out and about.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts ideally suitable for the Eleventh Anniversary through to the Twentieth Anniversary

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